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Valetta – The Capital of Malta

Valetta is one of the most visited places in Malta. It’s the capital of the island and has secrets in every street we walk. I leave here tips of some places that can and should visit in Valetta.

What to expect from Valetta?

We must expect lots of history, many places to visit and many streets to go through. When we arrived in Valetta, we realized that the architecture is very typical, the houses beige and quite old. All the streets seem to have a history and many hidden secrets. The best you can do in Valetta is to walk the streets and let go. But of course, there are always obligatory places to visit. So, let’s talk about it now.

houses in valetta

What to visit?

Republic Street and Merchand Street:

• One of the busiest streets where we can find bars, cafes, shops, restaurants, Churches of St Barbara and St Francis and even the court and parliament.

republic street

Teatru Manoel:

• One of the most well known theaters and also most used by places with a unique beauty.

teatru manoel.

St John’s Cathedral:

• One of the most visited monuments in Valetta. Here we can find the famous painting “Caravaggio”.

St John's Cathedral:

Memorial Bell:

• This bell was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a prize received by Malta and has one of the best views of the Harbor area.

memorial bell in valetta

Barrakka Gardens:

• Here, in this garden, at 4pm of every day the cannons are broken. Go early to secure your place on the garden balcony.

barrakka gardens in valetta

Tritons Fountain:

• The fountain at the entrance of the city. It’s one of the most important modernist monuments in Valetta.

triton fountain in valetta

Where to eat and how to go to Valetta?

For dinner or lunch, there’s no shortage of places. There are lots of restaurants with very affordable prices for the whole city. However, there’s more variety on Republic Street.

To go to Valetta, the best option is to go from Ferry and catch it in Sliema, the round trip is around 2€ per person. Inside Valetta the best option is to walk, to get to know the city better.

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