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I got a tattoo

Yes, I did my first tattoo. I always wanted to do one and this week I got the courage.

Why now?

In my head getting a tattoo is something that has to be thought of. We are going to spend the rest of our lives with this drawing in our body. But I had wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, but I had never found the ideal design. I always said that, to make a tattoo the meaning had to be strong. And after the decisions of the last months I found my tattoo with a special meaning for me.

What is the meaning?

It’s almost like a way to perpetuate one of the most important decisions of my life. From the world to the airplane … everything have a meaning.
It was a plane that brought me to this adventure six months ago with Pedro when I came with him to the interview. And the world because I honestly don’t think we’re going to stay here. Throughout this time, I have realized that it’s important to get out of our bubble. It’s important to know other cultures, other people, stories and share our history. I think we should use all this to be richer people, not money but knowledge. This tattoo means all this to me.

tattoo about my experience

A tattoo and a world!!

I decided to make the tattoo on the leg because I really believe that everything in life has to be done with a lot of effort. We have to run after our dreams and move our feet and legs and run after what makes us happy and a better person.
My goal is that when I think or question what I’m doing here, I can look at this tattoo and remind myself that I’m fighting for myself and struggling to be better.
I’m from all over the world and I want the world to be mine too.
No, I don’t have the world at my feet and I don’t want to. And this tattoo reminds me of this, that I had to drop everything to be more and better.


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