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Mdina, The City of Silence in Malta

Mdina is one of the most well known cities in Malta for its grandeur and secrecy. Mdina is the ancient capital of Malta and is known as the city of silence. It has less than 300 inhabitants and some of the houses and palaces are inhabited by aristocratic families. When you walk in this place you can feel tranquility and security, all streets are guarded 24 hours a day.

What to see in Mdina?

Mdina is not very big so in one afternoon you can visit the whole city. However, there are some obligatory sites to visit

The streets in mdina

– St Paul’s Cathedral

This cathedral is in the main square and when we enter there we fall in love with its architecture and grandeur.

St. Paul's Cathedral

– View of the Wall in Bastion Square

One of the best views you can get is in this wall where we have a completely different perception of Malta.
Near the wall there is a ice cream shop, “Fior di Latte”, where you must try these wonderful ice creams.

view of the wall

– Get carried away by Mdina

The magic of this city is undoubtedly the streets. At some point it will look like it’s in a maze, but simply walking from street to street is the best way to get to know this wonderful place. There is a super house known for the creeper that has by the wall and that appears in the Instagram feed of many people.

the famous house in mdina

And no doubt, you must know what I call the bank of love.

The bank of love

Is it worth to visit Mdina?

It’s not easy to explain all the magic that surrounds this place. Every street has a secret and fascinating things, from the incredible colors of the house doors, to the super creative handles. The well lost in one of the town squares. When you enter in Mdina it seems that we are going back in time and that we are living in medieval time. Inside the city you still have the possibility of riding a horse-drawn carriage that will show you the city. Stores with national objects. Anyway, definitely a site that should be on your list.

the house in bastion square

How to get to Mdina?

You can take a bus from both Sliema and Valetta. And there is a bus stop right outside the city gate. Although the trip still takes about 60 minutes and I think it’s worth it because the whole trip is made by the cities of Malta which makes you get to know more of this paradise.

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