Welcome to Malta

I’m Sofia, I’m 22 years old and I made the biggest decision of my life!
In the month of January 2019 I decided to emigrate to Malta.

Why did I change country?

I’m from Portugal, from the fantastic city of Porto. Portugal is an incredible country to live in. The sights are great and the food is the best, but … and there is always one but in our lives, I could not have a stable life as I want. So I decided to come to live in Malta.

Malta a paradise on earth

I think I can say that I had never heard of Malta until the opportunity arise to come here. An island near Italy, with many hidden secrets, an unusual quality of life and a cultural diversity like I’ve never seen before. I’ve been here for a month and a few weeks and I’ve come across people from 15 different countries and all of them with fantastic stories to tell. But about Malta I will speak more forward.

Emigrating isn’t the end of the world

Yes it’s not easy, but it’s not the end of the world. There is a lot to think about, prepare and decide. But with determination everything can be achieved. In my case it was a bit easier because Portugal and Malta belong to the European Union. However, the most difficult step is undoubtedly family and friends.

flight to malta

How to deal with family and friends

I embarked on this adventure with my boyfriend. In fact, he came here first. Of course it helps a lot to have someone who is with us because you end up having the same doubts. However, our family and friends are a great help. At least they were for me, because since I told them I was going to do this they always were on my side to help me in everything. Therefore, your family and friends will always help you in everything, believe me!

farewell before going to Malta

So far so good

I came without a job and with little money with me. I didn’t know what to expect. My English was the most basic there. It wasn’t easy to overcome all the fears and doubts I had. I sent my CV for everything I found. And I was constantly hearing “no”. But after some time I received a proposal from a company and I didn’t think twice (yes, yes, yes).
Since then I feel that from day to day I’m growing and learning. And something that did not happen in Portugal, whenever I give a job, I receive a “thank you” and a “great job” from my boss. Here in Malta people value your work no matter how small. I’m growing up a little every day. And how good is the feeling.

After my presentation is made, from here I will show you the world through my eyes.

And because the phrase of the month is “Don’t think positive, do positive”, let’s do this.

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