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The life of an Emigrant in Malta

Two months later I’m here to talk about everything. Malta is my new home. Emigrant life is not easy and will never be. I think now people are starting to look at this word differently, but I’m here to share with you how it is. I think the doubt of all the people who go out and who does not have the people they love the most around is: How to deal with all the homesicknesses?

Emigration and the feelings

No, it’s not easy, at all. I often say that in these situations the feelings are our biggest enemies, but who knows me knows that feelings is my middle name and that I’m easy tearful. All my life I let my feelings decide everything I was going to do. My coming to Malta was one of those situations. I saw my boyfriend leave and I decided that I had to go, I would not be living a whole life waiting for him to come back and so I decided to take this heart in the heels and embark on this adventure. Officially, I won the emigrant title.

Why Malta?

The story of emigrating was long ago on the table. There were several countries that we surveyed, from Dubai to London, Ireland … Anyway, there were several destinations that we researched and we took into consideration. However, Malta has emerged, and every time we are asked how Malta came about our answer is always the same: A simple drunkenness in the cafe where we went almost every day. In the midst of many cups, friends and thoughts about life and money, a friend of ours said the famous phrase: “send your CV to Malta, that is full of casinos” and this is the real story and the reason why we are here today, so thank you very much Josélito.

Big family

I have a large family, an Italian family as my mother says. We are 5, 3 brothers and my parents. I don’t have many memories of when I was an only child. I always remember having a full house, confusion all the time. Confusion is part of my life. I’ve always been happy like this, with a full house and everyone talking. No, it is not easy. We all have very different and very strong personalities and sometimes we can argue over super banal things like who will fold the socks. But we have always been very close and we always suffer a lot from each other’s problems, sometimes it is difficult for outsiders to realize this. Of course, when I announced that I was coming to Malta, the reactions were positive even though I knew it was costing them a lot, but at no point did they show it.

Shoes of a bif family

2 + 3 – Lima Family in Malta

Last week they came to Malta and it was great, of course. Showing them my new world was very important to me. Show that I’m fine and happy, that I’m building my way with a person important to me. I believe that having a daughter who is emigrated is not easy and that sometimes makes you want to catch a plane every week, but nowadays everything is easier. The internet allowed that. I think I was able to show the best of Malta and the best of me. And of course, I had a full house again and knew it so well. It’s almost like I could breathe again with all the confusion and noise all the time. They are a big part of my world and it was good to have them here. I love you so much.

My family in Malta

My boyfriend

Pedro has been a very important part of this trip. We are completely different. He’s a person who has his feet firmly on the ground and I’m the person who has all the fantasies in my head. I think we have somehow been able to complement each other. I’ve never lived with anyone like I’m living with him. Living in the same house with your boyfriend is a big step and it has to be thought, at least in my perspective. In our case we didn’t have time for this. But overall, this whole experience is surprising me because we are getting on very well. Of course without him none of this was possible because he is supporting me and giving me the full force of the world. We are already arriving that point that with a simple look he knows what I’m thinking.

My boyfriend

I emigrated but I’m the same person

I’ve been here for two months and it’s still too early to make a right balance about this experience. But I think everything is going well and I’m getting through barriers that I never thought I could achieve. Believe in your beliefs and listen to your heart. This seems out of a Disney movie but it’s very true. Sometimes being able to listen to our person is a step towards success. And most important of all, we can never forget who we are and where we came from, our roots are what define us and make us unique. My paradise on earth was impossible if I didn’t have all this love that surrounds me.


  • Cátia Teixeira

    Don’t think.
    One day I will tell how i started sharing same roof with my “husband”.
    Trust me. We did not think.
    17th april will be 8 years and two babies after that and it is still perfect. Worth it.

    Not so easy emigration.
    You two rock.
    “ bon courage”
    Beijinhos aos dois.

  • Salomé Sousa

    Parabéns minha querida, pelo teu testemunho!
    Estás uma mulher linda, lutadora e determinada e isto é meio caminho andado para o sucesso!
    Desejo-te as maiores felicidades! E, por favor, continua a partilhar estas lindas histórias….
    Bjinhos grandes

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