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Novi Bar, an Amazing Place

Today I’m going to talk about a restaurant in Malta, Novi Bar. Malta is a country where you can’t eat badly anywhere, at least for now I ate well at all the restaurants I went to. From pasta, pizzas, kebabs and burgers.

Novi Bar

But this restaurant conquered me. Located in Gzira, they are in Malta with the mission to show what’s a good burger. But in my opinion, they got more of it. The space is super cozy, the service is amazing and of course the food is wonderful. You can find various types of beers and ciders, alcoholic drinks and every day there is the famous happy hour. 

Decor Novi Bar Malta

What’s in the menu?

The Novi Bar has a huge variety of food. In the menu we can find burgers, tacos, salads, chicken wings, fries with various sauces, among many other things. I haven’t yet been able to taste all the specialties.

What to eat in Novi Bar?

So everything that has chilli is fantastic. The chili cheese burger, the hotdog with chili, fries with chili, anyway the chili is the best I have ever eaten in my life. But then we also have the tacos of all shapes, with barbecue sauce, tequila, among others. Of course I have to talk about the hot wings, and I advise you to try them because they are really good and have several sauces to choose from. The sauce I least recommend is the diablo because according to my boyfriend it’s only for people who can handle very well the spicy. So if you are one of those people go for it and good luck.


Trust me, You Need to Go To Novi Bar

So if you come to Malta or if you are already here, don’t forget to go to Novi Bar. I often say that when you get into Novi Bar you have to roll up your sleeves and taste the food. Yes you will get dirty hands and believe that you will want to lick your fingers and cry for more (as we say in Portugal). No doubt that Novi Bar is in my Top 10 of restaurants in Malta.

Food at Novi Bar in Malta

Malta has many secrets, and one of them is the food!


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