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Healthy Food in Malta- Dr. Juice

When you come to Malta you will feel a certain difficulty in eating healthy food. We have very good food everywhere, from pizzas to burgers. But it comes to a point where our body starts asking us to be healthier.


Dr. Juice Malta

This is a restaurant that only exists in Malta. Founded in 2008 and with a mission to bring healthy options to everyone, Dr. Juice introduces us to various types of healthy and minimally accessible food and drink.

– Juice

The first time I went to Dr. Juice I ordered one of the smoothies. You can order plain smoothies and juices from anything you can imagine. Classic smoothies with fruits and then have those more targeted for sportsmen and people more fit that contains protein. There are also the smoothies they call Liquid Meals which are more complete. Anyway, there are shakes of various types and many ingredients to choose from. Concerning the prices of these drinks, they start at 4.60€ but it’s worth

– Food

From what I have come to realize the great goal is to show everyone that it is possible to consume healthy food without great sacrifice.

Take away: There are lots of healthy solutions presented, from wonderful cupcakes to wraps, salads, lasagne of vegetables, baguettes … a lot, a lot. But for now, I only tasted the cupcakes and a wrap of chicken with mango and it’s very good. I was completely fan. And the price is super affordable. The wrap costs about 4.50 and is very large and super well served.

In the restaurant: You can eat in the restaurant if you want and besides all these healthy alternatives that I have presented you until now, there is still a menu with healthy food that you can choose. From toasted avocado and poached eggs, breakfasts and salads.

The space

Dr. Juice is already present at 6 locations here in Malta however, but I still only went to the Gzira restaurant. The space is very cozy, with lots of inspirational phrases on the walls, a super sweet decoration and you have two spaces to sit. The front space is quieter with sofas to sit in and the normal back tables where we could overlook the kitchen.

Promotion Cards

Dr. Juice also has two promotion cards, one for smoothies and one for food. Basically we have to accumulate 10 drinks and 10 food dishes and we have one for free. I’ll leave the photos of the cards here to get a better idea.

My opinion

So far I haven’t been able to find a place in Malta that could offer us healthy food options. So, no doubt I’m a fan of Dr. Juice. I love the concept and the way it was elaborate. In this case I’m more a fan of smoothies and cupcakes and I can tell you that I drink a smoothie for breakfast and for lunch. We really got on well for a few hours. I highly recommend that when you come to Malta or if you are already here, try this super healthy concept.

I will leave here the link of Dr. Juice’s website for you can see everything in more detail.

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