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Blue Lagoon – A paradise in Malta

When we search Malta on Google, the Blue Lagoon appears many times. It’s one of the best known places in Malta for it’s beauty. Blue Lagoon belongs to Comino and currently has only 3 inhabitants.

beach with blue sea

What to expect from Blue Lagoon?

When we started to arrive at Blue Lagoon, we began to fall in love with the colour of the water. The water is blue but very transparent which allowed us to see the sea floor quite easily. As the boat docks, we have stairs to climb and at the top we can see all the simplicity of this bit of the island. As soon as we get to the beaches, we can see the whole life of this little piece of land.

Beaches and Restaurants

When we talk about extending the beach blanket and getting suntan, we have two options. Or we can find a good place in the middle of the rocks to stay, or we have the option of renting a few loungers in front of the sea, which cost around 12 euros per person all day. As far as catering is concerned, there are no restaurants proper, but some fast food stalls. There are also two stalls selling drinks:

-the famous pineapples in which you choose the drink you want;

– and very fresh coconut water that helps to counteract the heat that is felt

What can you visit at Blue Lagoon?

Near the beaches you have a place where you can buy tickets to go visit the caves. It’s a trip of about 30 minutes and has the price of 15€ per person. In my opinion it’s worth doing this trip because the scenery that we have on the other side of the Blue Lagoon is fantastic. However I don’t advise people who easily get seasick to make this trip.

How to get to Blue Lagoon?

The best options to go to Blue Lagoon are:

– Boat Ferry: take the ferry in Cirkewwa (north of the island) which costs about 10€ per person. The return trip is
around 5-7pm.

– Captain Morgan Cruises: This boat departs from Sliema around 10am. The trip costs around 20€ per person, but lunch and drinks (soda, vine, beer, water) are included in the price. The return trip is at 5pm;


Important Tips

For a good day at Blue Lagoon it’s important:

– First of all, wear super practical, fresh and beautiful clothes. The warmth you’ll feel is a lot and the desire to take pictures with the Blue Lagoon in the background it will be big

– You should also take plenty of water during the day because it’s important to be well hydrated

– You’d better take some cash because I didn’t see any ATMs there

– take comfortable shoes because sometimes it’s difficult to walk in sandals or slippers in the middle of the rocks

– and finally, good mood and willingness to take many dives


Is or isn’t it a paradise on earth?


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